Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Intervention Central

During CSCOPE training today, Sheron Darragh shared the web site "Intervention Central". With RtI as a central focus of instruction, teachers across all grade levels are in need of new resources and information on scaffolding and intervening for an increasingly growing and changing student population. This site has oodles of information and covers reading, math, writing and behavioral interventions and includes generators for creating all kinds of activities. Articles and downloads are available. This site looks to be a great resource to add to any teacher's toolbox!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Computer Lab Favorites from Scholastic

Scholastic's Computer Lab Favorites has over 50 educational activities delivered in a fun format.

Students select their grade level at the top (K-2 or 3-5) and the subject on the wheel to find a variety of online activities. In my short time in the website, I found some cool on-line games, some activities that would read to and questions the kids, an interactive board activity, and even some printable materials.

To point your students to the activities that match your curriculum, there is also the teacher view of Computer Lab Favorites, providing a brief description and teacher's guide for each activity.