Thursday, September 22, 2011

Classtools---An old favorite

Several years ago, we started the school year with a district-wide technology training, and was one of the websites that I presented. This week, two teachers asked where to find this site, so it must be time to visit an old favorite. offers 24 free tools for teachers that are just a click away! Teachers can also use to create games, activities or quizzes, and there is no charge.

If you really love this site, they do offer a membership which provides three advantages: it is advertisement free, provides a personal space for you to edit and organize your personal or favorite tools, and is in full-screen mode for better viewing on your interactive whiteboard. When you sign up, the cost is in English pounds. Need a converter.....try a currency converter widget

By the way...the two tools that the teachers had asked about were the Random Name Generator and the Countdown Timer

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