Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Topic Box

Websites for multiple subjects and grade levels save teachers valuable time and energy when looking for classroom resources. A great site to bookmark for use is Topic Box. This website covers subjects from English to Design and Technology and even Religious Education. Each subject link at the top takes the user to a page full of specific strands within that content area. Topic Box even boasts the following: "2084 links to free teaching resources, 1,888,371 hours of searching saved"!

Topic Box  has a search box that takes a prominent place on the page--I can see it without my glasses! After typing in a search, links to resources, accompanied by a visual sample, appear in a flash. I searched about 10 topics in Topic Box, and only one turned up absolutely nothing (Incas). Resources I found included Power Points, drag-and-drop activities for IWBs, and internet games. If you find a resource that you wish to share, you can Facebook, Twitter, or e-mail directly from the site. As expected, I did run into the usual advertising for educational products, but these never interfered with my content search. Topic Box would be a great addition to any teacher's toolbox!

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