Friday, December 9, 2011


TESiboard is a collection of interactive whiteboard activities that has been made available to teachers for FREE!

A product from the UK, TESiboard activities are grouped by years. They don't correlate perfectly to our grade level system but, when looking for an activity, it will get you fairly close.  EYFS might be preschool, KS1 might be Kindergarten through grade 2, and KS2 looks a great deal like our 3rd-6th grades.

You can play the activities right from the website or download to your computer. Some of the activities have a "one and your done" page, while others can be played over and over again. Though I have only played with a few of the charts, I believe that this site provides activities for all grade levels through middle school. Several students I shared this with today got caught up playing the TESiboard where you add decimals  in order to get enough fuel to launch the rocket.

So, if you are looking for a quick interactive activity to practice or reinforce skills, check the TESiboard collection!

This great resource was shared today on Twitter by Vicki Davis, the Cool Cat Teacher. Have you checked Twitter today??

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Sluggish iPhone or iPad??

I am often a day late and a dollar short when it comes to technology news, so I hadn't planned on sharing this information. However, after talking to several iPhone/iPad aficionados that were equally surprised, I decided this may be helpful to someone after all.

Is your iPhone or iPad running sluggishly or is your "home" button not working consistently or responding more slowly than when your device was new?? It could be that ALL of the apps you EVER have opened are still running in the background....and you don't even know it.

To see these apps, click the "home" button twice. The lower part of your screen will then display a row of apps in a new, little window. Touch and hold one of these icons (as if you were going to delete it) until a minus sign appears. Then "subtract" them one by one until those apps are gone. Your iPhone/iPad is now free from all those opened and secretly running apps!

You should NOT close down any apps that are pushing notifications---this includes "Words with Friends" (or you will miss your turn), your calendar (or you will forget to move the netbook cart---sorry Alicia!),  Google + apps...etc.

If this is a surprise to you, then you are probably sharing my initial reaction....oh my gosh!!
Enjoy and pass along!

Monday, December 5, 2011


OK folks! We just have to learn to use this one. Today was a rough day for the access points, hardware, or iBoss. I really don't know what the problem may have been, but, on occasion, everyone has to ask the question: is it just me and my computer??? And this site is better than the Magic 8 Ball!

Down-for-everyone-or-just-me is a web site that will do the work of your local TIS, checking to see if that webpage is really down as opposed to being blocked or just loading so slowly that it might as well be a dead link. Also known as, pasting your evasive link in the empty box and hitting return will provide the answer you seek.

Oh....if it doesn't work, then please call for help!